Refund Policy

Pre-Contract Deposits/Refund Policy

Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of an Offer

Gilbert & Rose will hold a deposit on acceptance of an offer and then make a full refund to both the seller and purchasers of an estate.

Agreement for the Deposit

Gilbert & Rose ensures that before holding any deposit, there is an agreement by all parties involved. We will provide you with a copy of the agreement.

Deposit Amount

Gilbert & Rose requires both the estate seller and purchaser to pay the deposit before commencing any services including but not limited to the file and marking of the property as SSTC. By virtue of your involvement in this agreement as a seller or purchaser, both of you agree to pay a deposit of £500.

Termination of the Agreement

Should any of the parties decide to pull out of the transaction, 50% of their deposit will go to the other party involved in the transaction while the other 50% will go to Gilbert & Rose to help recoup any monies lost in time and other related third party costs.

Refund of the Deposit

Gilbert & Rose will make a full refund of the deposit under the following circumstance:

  1. If any either the property seller or purchaser in the transaction title become redundant subject to the submission of a redundancy letter. By being redundant, Gilbert & Rose considers the client’s services as no longer necessary for successful completion of the transaction.
  2. In case of extreme circumstances including terminal illness or death, Gilbert and Rose will provide a full refund to both parties. If any party in the transaction becomes critically ill to an extent that they cannot perform their obligations in the agreement. This condition is subject to provision of a valid Doctor’s confirmation letter.


Gilbert & Rose operates within the bounds established by the Data Protection Act 2018. We recognise that this legislation represents implementation of GDPR. We therefore, confirm our adherence to the strict rules of personal data protection.

Telephone Call Recording

We hold the rights to record all telephone calls. The recordings obtained may be used for training and quality purposes, to investigate complaints, to ensure that we comply with regulatory procedures and to provide evidence, or for the use of court proceedings.

Code of Practice, Complaints and Statutory Rights

We are a member of The Property Ombudsman Scheme (TPO) and comply with the Property Ombudsman Code of Practice redress and complaints procedure details of which can be obtained from

Entire Agreement, Variation and Jurisdiction

This contract sets out the entire agreement between Gilbert & Rose and the seller of the property, replaces all prior agreements, and no amendment or variation to this contract will have any contractual effect unless approved in writing by a director of Gilbert & Rose. The Courts of England and Wales have exclusive jurisdiction to determine any action or proceedings relating to this agreement. Gilbert & Rose is a trading style of Gilbert and Rose Property Limited, registered in England and Wales, No. 11912966 Registered Office: 35 Websters Way, Rayleigh, Essex, SS6 8JQ